Nomuka Relief Donations Arrived

Our relief container did arrive and I am so sorry for taking so long to update.

The container did arrive as expected and it was quite fast to clear out. There were other donations from overseas and BOOKING through to transport donations was quite hectic and would take long. Fortunately the Nomuka committee in Tongatapu were ready and have arranged for our donations to be transported by the local boat to the island of Nomuka. Since the boat only have a round trip around the islands once a week, It took two weeks for everything to get to the island. We had photos of the first shipment. The town officer with the help of the island’s police officer and their helper made sure that it was divided and distributed amongst the elderlies and the community of Nomuka.

The second shipment was successful too, unfortunately they forgot to take photos. Here are some photos taken by the Loupata Primary school, proudly showcasing their new Library. The principle and the teachers were so grateful for all your help in donating the amazing school supplies and books. They just cannot wait to show off their library to the MOE officials when they visit. They are still working on sorting through their supplies and will send more photos soon.