Island Flexi Transfer

We are a dynamic new money transfer service located in Melbourne. But we can send money from anywhere in Australia to anywhere in Tonga. Whether it is from Sydney to Nuku'alofa or Uluru to Niuatoputapu, we've got it covered. Our fees and rates are very competitive, and our service is second to none.

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Fees and Rates

Our fees are as follows:

Amounts less than AUD 100:   $5   fee
AUD 100 and over:                  $10 fee

Transfers to outer islands:        5 Pa'anga extra

For large transfers or transfers with special requirements, the fee may be higher because of increased administrative work. Contact us for information.

The exchange rate changes almost every day. To get the rate for today, just phone us.

Shopping service

We can arrange for shopping to be delivered to your family in Tonga. Contact us for details.

Other Services

Island Flexi Employment Advice Service

Are you having trouble at your work? Island Flexi Transfer offers free advice on employment matters. Contact Tim by Email for assistance: 

Tim is a union delegate in his work place, and can provide advice with many common workplace problems, and also refer you to other places you can get help. This service is totally free of charge, with no obligations or commitments for you at all.

Contact us

For more information on our service, just phone or Email Lupe. We're always happy to help you with your money transfer needs.


Phone: 04049658915


Room 18, Mosimani Building

Phone: 8616043 (office) or 7716043 (mobile)

Other information

Island Flexi Transfer is registered with AUSTRAC. All transfers must comply with Australian Government regulations. Your money is safe with us. For further information, just phone or Email Lupe.